3D Fashion Pipeline
We review and optimize existing processes, adapt them to 3D and help you implement an effective 3D workflow.

Accurate Sizing and Full Coverage

Knowing the target group is the first step to fitting them.
  • Database of sizes, shapes, ages, demographics, activities
  • Creation or optimization of domestic or international sizes and tables
  • Optimization for target groups, size coverage or customization
  • Fit models for different customer requirements and ethnicities

Pattern Development and Optimization

Prep for agile development that translates to realistic visualization and well-fitting products.
  • Base and 3D pattern development and database
  • Block/model pattern development, optimization and grading
  • Clear supplier communication (production documents, tech pack, product description and passport)

Functional Avatars and Busts

Virtual fit models to accelerate development, eliminate guesswork and create life-like simulations.
  • Customized (photorealistic or stylized) avatar collections
  • Optimization of avatars with accurate human proportions for accurate fit
  • Avatar alignment and validation to target group with parameters and fit 
  • Avatar coverage for average or all sizes/shapes in target demographic
  • Development of avatars with fitting lines for reproducible results

Material Parameters

Achieve realistic 3D simulation and reliable fit with accurate digitization of how materials behave.
  • Consistent characterization of material parameters (drapability, movement, stretch, etc.) 
  • Results customized for different systems (e.g. Vidya Assyst, Browzwear V-Stitcher, 3D CLO)
  • Accredited lab using standardized procedures to guarantee reproducible data

3D Fitting – Virtual Prototyping

Convert 3D and 4D data into the perfect fit for current and future styles.
  • Elimination of physical prototypes with virtual fitting
  • Analysis of fit quality for target group, size spectrum, function, applications
  • Quality assurance with optimized measurement tables and pattern 
  • Fit definition and instructions for processing, optics and style
  • Training to successfully optimize fit with 3D

Visualization: Digital Product Communication

Tell compelling stories (without technical fit detail) for sales and merchandising, virtual fitting rooms or supplier communication.
  • Realistic or stylized simulation, using our patterns or yours
  • Static or moving avatar customization for various software requirements
  • Quality checks, troubleshooting, error analysis, process optimization
  • Tech packs and technical terms of delivery for supplier communications

Fit in Motion

Ensure dynamic fit with moving avatars.
  • Virtual matching of dynamic fit, using scanning and material parameters 
  • Validation of digital samples and avatars with human scanning
  • Validation through fit testing on human fit models
  • Comparison of product’s simulation between 3D systems
  • Motion analysis of body with 3D and 4D scans as basis

Learn from the best.

Train your team and your suppliers to harness the power of digital fitting and visualization.

The physical world still exists.

Measuring real humans, testing the fit and manufacturing quality products is as important as ever – and requires deep knowledge of the physical world.

Textile expertise. To the point.

Hohenstein is a neutral partner in all kinds of testing, certification and research with a focus on textiles. We work passionately to ensure that products come to market reliably and safely.