Perfect fit requires knowledge of body sizes and shapes.

3D & 4D Scanners

We know how to obtain AND interpret the data.

  • Digitization of people and objects in static position (3D) or motion (4D)
  • Size data and virtual matching of full bodies, heads, hands, feet 
  • Movement and posture scans for dynamic fit and range of motion
  • Series measurements, target group and product-specific project

Database and Fit Models

Our huge database contains the measurements essential to developing reliable size tables.

  • All sizes & body shapes, including plus sizes
  • Male and female
  • Babies, kids, teens, young adults, middle age, seniors
  • Applications: sports, workwear, etc.
  • Geographies: Germany, U.S., global
  • 1,000 models for testing fit and comfort on real people

Material Testing Lab

Hohenstein’s labs are equipped to ensure consistent, reproducible material parameters for realistic 3D visualization and product development.

3D Construction, Modelling & Simulation Software

We are not a software company.
We help you get results from the software you have.

  • Research on software solutions to optimize Hohenstein services
  • Experience with varying requirements and data formats
  • Work with leading systems (including Vidya Assyst, Browzwear V-Stitcher, 3D CLO Fashion, etc.)

Get the most out of your tools.

Technology is only a toy without the ability to interpret results. We understand human shapes, garment and pattern construction and clothing technology.

Textile expertise. To the point.

Hohenstein is a neutral partner in all kinds of testing, certification and research with a focus on textiles. We work passionately to ensure that products come to market reliably and safely.